9 Best Polaroid Films

Instant film (polaroid) is basically a type of photographic film which is specifically designed to be used in an instant camera. This is commonly used in older cameras, although there are also very modern cameras that use this type of system. Here you can find the best instant films for your instant camera. Here are the 9 best polaroid films.

1. Polaroid Go Color Film Double Pack

Thanks to this film, now you can create great memories big or small. This film offers 16 tiny icons ideal for framing any beautiful memory.

2. Double Pack ‑ Black Frame Edition

This is the most favorite and classic choice of all photographers. These matte black frames offer a unique and eye-catching design and artistic effect. This film offers a unique contrast.

3. Polaroid Go Classic Film Four Pack

This film helps you meet your creative needs. This polaroid film has a white frame so you can create classic and unique memories. In addition, you can also switch to the film that offers a black frame for another type of dynamic contrast.

4. Color i-Type Film

This type of film is modern and is ideal for modern instant cameras. This film offers 8 instant photos for timeless memories. Also, it is important to note that this type of film is compatible with different systems. And it does not include batteries, so it is not compatible with older cameras.

5. i‑Type Core Film Triple Pack

This unique and special bundle offers 3 basic films. In addition, you can also purchase two instant film packs in different colors (black and white), it is important to note that all these films offer the white frame for a better design.

6. Color i-Type Film Double Pack

Thanks to this instant film you can save, photograph, and memorize the most beautiful moments. This system offers ample 16 snapshots for you to create beautiful movies. Moreover, it is compatible with the new systems.

7. B&W 600 Film

If you're looking for film for an old camera, then you're in the right place. Look no further! This product really is for you. This black and white film offers excellent battery power for cameras. It offers 8 instant photos with excellent colors, ideal for portraits and party moments.

8. Color SX‑70 Film

This film is made only for SX-70 systems, remember that this type of color system has a lower speed (film speed). These photos offer excellent texture.

9. SX‑70 Core Film Triple Pack

This type of camera is ideal for light, so if you want an excellent film of very good quality, this product is for you. It offers a triple pack of film.