Polaroid Cameras You Should Buy

Taking photos allows people to look back on a treasured moment of their lives. Whether it be a photo of a scenic view or your loved ones having fun. A polaroid camera allows people the opportunity to instantly have their pictures developed. The different films and colors give off that classic aesthetic vibe that makes the images more appealing. At the same time, you can easily have a physical copy of the captured photo.

If you’re wondering what polaroid camera to buy, you can check the list below of polaroid cameras worth getting.

1 . Polaroid Now + Starter Set

The Polaroid Now + Starter Set is the perfect camera to get if you're just starting to get into using polaroids. It comes with the color i-Type film and the B&W i-Type film. The perfect starter set to help you achieve the aesthetic polaroid vibe.

2. Polaroid Now + Album Gift Set

After capturing several photos, you may want to keep your polaroids in a safe place. There are times wherein you may misplace your polaroids. But if you buy the Polaroid Now + Album Gift Set , it comes with the perfect album set for you to safely store your polaroids. If you ever wanna look back at those fun times, you can just pull out your album and scan through your photos.

3. Polaroid Now + Travel Set

If you're fond of traveling to different places, the Polaroid Now + Travel Set is just what you need. You don't have to worry about where to put your camera. The set comes with a camera bag where you could safely put your camera in and bring it along with you wherever you go.

4. Polaroid Now + Golden Gift Set

Different effects and filters of the film express different moods and emotions. The Polaroid Now + Golden Gift Set has a smooth metallic gold finish that gives a unique and artsy vibe to it. If you want to switch up your photography, this polaroid set is perfect for you.

5. Polaroid Now I-type Instant Camera

The Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera is the perfect go-to camera to use for your everyday moments. With the help of its autofocus, you get to capture even more high-quality polaroids. It has 7 different film colors, plus B&W. Just what you need to enjoy capturing different photos with your camera.

6. Polaroid Go Creative Set

Using polaroid cameras gives you a different and unique outcome. The cameras have their creative ways to capture different personalities and emotions. Using the Polaroid Go Creative Set will bring you a more colorful mood. Its vibrant and classic films will inspire you to get more creative in using different colors and effects for the perfect polaroid shot.

7. Polaroid Go Adventure Set

The Polaroid Go Adventure Set will take your journey to a whole new level. To make your polaroid adventure even better, the set has provided an adjustable camera strap, camera case, color filter sets, and color films. Everything you need to make things easier for you to enjoy your adventure with your loved ones. All you need to do is capture amazing photos and wait till the next adventure comes.