6 best ultralight gun safes storage to safely hide guns

A lot of people have guns and pistols with proper licenses. But what most people don’t have is a proper place to keep all the guns. What you need is a good cabinet or storage area that can fit in all your gun. Today we will list 6 of the best gun safes and hidden gun storage.

1. Fast Box™ Model 40

This model is tough, flexible, and customizable but at the same time ultralight, so you don't need a forklift to move it around. * Can store up to 6 long guns * The keypad is positioned at the base of the cabinet * Comes with 3 stock bases and 6 cradles with bungee

2) Agile ultralight: Quad kit

Comes with maximums security and safety but with less weight than the old-school gun safes. * Can store up to 24 long guns * Delivered disassembled and can be assembled in minutes * Comes with 12 stock bases and 24 cradles with bungee

3) Agile ultralight: model 52

This is a decentralized gun storage system. * Can store up to 6 long guns * Made with Cradlegrid technology * have 6 cradles with bungee

4) Agile ultralight: quad kit pro

This safe provides safety with an ultralight, heavy-duty gun safe that weighs hundreds of pounds lesser than old school gun safe. * Can store up to 24 long guns and shotguns * Comes with 4 medium yellow bins with dividers * Weights at 100 lbs only

5) Agile ultralight: model 52 plus

This safe comes with 11 extra accessories for big game hunters. * Can store 6 long guns * Comes with 3 small bins and 3 medium bins

6) Agile ultralight quad kit plus

Comes with the combination of 2 models 52 saves and 2 models 40 safes * Comes with 4 magnetic hooks * Comes with 4 single pistol pegs * Comes with 12 stock bases

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