Bring Your House Together With These Soundbars &Subs

If you’ve ever had to listen to music or your favorite TV show on your tv or radio speakers, you know the pain of subpar sound quality. But if you want something better than that, you don’t want to spend all that money on an expensive home theater system. With the right soundbar and subwoofer combination, you can get amazing sound for music, movies, and television with one small investment.

Here are the best soundbar and sub from Sonos

1) Beam (Gen 2)Smart Soundbar

This is the perfect soundbar for movie buffs. Beam has full room coverage, true 360 degrees immersive sound, and it's Alexa enabled. And with its simple design (available in black or white), you can fit it right underneath your television without taking away from the look of your living space.

2) Sub (Gen 3)Premium Wireless Subwoofer

This wireless subwoofer takes your home audio to the next level. With deep sound, this sub will blow you away whether you're watching movies or listening to music. And with its adjustable crossover and output levels, you get truly fine-tuned audio that delivers exactly what you want from each song and movie scene.

3) Immersive Set with ArcArc + Sub + 2x One

If you're looking for a surround sound system that is simple and smart, the Sonos Immersive 5.1 set is perfect. It has a wireless sub along with two in-ceiling speakers to give you completely immersive audio from behind you. And with Apple TV built-in, it's so simple to use.

4) Entertainment Set with ArcArc + Sub

A simpler, less expensive option for surround sound is the Sonos 5.1 Entertainment set. This one has only two in-ceiling speakers, but it still delivers incredible sound quality and works seamlessly with your Alexa-enabled devices. And this package comes with an ARC, so you can even use that remote to control everything.

5) ArcPremium Smart Soundbar

If you're looking for the best Sonos soundbar, then this is it. With three woofers, seven tweeters in addition to a built-in subwoofer in the power supply, any song or movie scene will sound incredible. And the Arc delivers true room-filling sound with its immersive audio.

6) Sub (Gen 3)Premium Wireless Subwoofer

For those interested in adding some heavy bass to their home audio setup, Sonos's subwoofer is perfect. With deep and powerful bass, you'll love this sub for all of your favorite music and movies selections. And because it's compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, it gives you the power to command your audio from Siri.

When paired together, these soundbars and subs will give you high-quality sound for all of your entertainment needs. With Alexa compatibility and an array of adjustable dials and settings that allow you to customize your listening experience to exactly what you want, Sonos takes your home entertainment experience to the next level.