How To Wear The Memoi Opaque Leggings: 5 Tips To Make You Look Pro

One of the most popular fashion trends in recent years has been opaque leggings. These pants are made up of multiple layers of fabric that make them opaque and thicker. Memo Opaque Leggings are a great example of how opaque leggings can be stylish and chic. In this blog post, we’ll explore different ways to wear these trend-setting pants. Read on to find out more!


Wearing opaque leggings isn’t just about wearing them with a plain black outfit. In fact, you can pair these pants with so many different pieces to find the perfect look for your personal style. Here are five ways to wear opaque leggings:

1. Pairing these pants with a simple tee and sneakers

2. Wearing opaque leggings with a loosely fitted dress

3. Adding an accessory like a necklace or scarf for more of a statement piece

4. Opting for opaque leggings in pastels or neutrals

5. Wearing them over shorts and a tee


1. Wear opaque leggings with a white shirt:

Wear the opaque leggings with a white shirt and show off your fashion sense. This will make you look like a star!

2. Pair the opaque legging trend with a dressy shirt:

A classic combo to try this season is wearing an opaque legging and a dressy shirt. The jeans and shirt provide a contrast in style, which is perfect for the many fashionistas that can’t get enough of this trend.

3. Wear the opaque legging trend with black jeans:

You can also wear these pants with black jeans by pairing them together for an entirely different look. It’s worth trying out because not everyone likes wearing black.

4. Make the opaque legging trend more casual by pairing it with distressed denim:

If you’re looking to go more casual, try pairing these pants with distressed denim or any other type of light wash denim. You’ll be able to rock this fashion trend in your everyday life!


Opaque leggings are a wardrobe staple for the fall and winter seasons. They’re a flattering, comfortable, and chic way to stay warm without sacrificing your style. But if you’re still not sure how to wear the trend, these 5 tips are essential for looking and feeling like a star in opaque leggings.