How To Buy Lands End Swim Dress

Lands End Swim Dress is popular beachwear for women. It is famous for its comfort, ease of putting on and taking off, excellent fit, stylish design. This swimwear is also highly structured with a number of benefits for the wearer. The swim dress comes in versatile colors so that you can make an outfit using it.

Lands End Swim Dress was founded in San Francisco in 1966 by Jayme Oxford. His idea was to create more comfortable swimwear which was not just beautiful but well-structured as well sporting a new modern design with the tailoring of old European style and the utility of Japanese wetsuits.

How to buy Lands End Swim Dress

1. Size

When buying swimwear, it is best to check the size of the swimsuit. Lands End Swim Dress has various sizes for you to choose from as well. The standard size of this clothing is S/M, and it has a fashionable fit. However, Lands End Swim Dress also has pants and a halter which are available in XXS/XS/S and M/L for customers’ specific requirements.

2. Fashion changes

You can check some other items from the brand that you like at Time 4 Shop and then make your final decision on Lands End Swim Dress.

3. Material

Lands End Swim Dress is made of a soft fabric that will not irritate your skin. It is also very comfortable to wear and you can move around easily. The material of Lands End Swim Dress is highly durable. So this is perfect for swimming. The materials are comfortable and resistant, so they can be worn even if you have just woken up from a cold shower. Lands End Swim Dress is made of 100% nylon/spandex, which means it will not shrink during washing over time; however, it may become slightly wrinkled after some time due to the elastic nature of the fabric and the design elements (such as seam lines).