5 Significantly Important Women’s Health Tests At Home

A woman’s body has different types of hormones and chemicals. If a woman wants to maintain stable health, then she needs to know everything about her body. The following tests can help a woman to track the reasons behind her health problems.

1) 7 Common STD Test

Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and AIDS-like sexually transmitted diseases can ruin your life. So, test your blood at home and find out about your disease.

2) Thyroid Hormone Level Test

High or low thyroid levels can create countless problems. Hence, a thyroid test can help you to take proper medications to balance your thyroid hormone level.

3) Vitamin D Test

Weight loss, bone health, immunity, and more factors are associated with Vitamin D. So, test your Vitamin D level and find out why you are feeling sick.

4) Fertility Test

To function your ovary, your body releases different types of hormones. This Fertility test can tell you - whether your ovary is functioning properly or not.

5) Post Menopause Test

After menopause, a woman's body faces some radical changes. To know those changes and to know about your hormone levels, you must test your post-menopause hormones.

The above five tests need your blood sample or vaginal fluid, urine, or saliva. They are not painful and you can perform them yourself. So, test your body before visiting a doctor.