5 Reliable Concealed Gun Safes to Buy in 2022

With the rising number of cries in the world, guns are slowly becoming personal essentials. But, even as you plan to invest in that gun you’ve been eyeing, remember your safety begins with you. So take control of your safety and secure your trusted possession in these fast access gun safes:

1) Agile ultralight: model 40

This concealed gun safe system is super light but heavy-duty to safely keep your gun away until when you need it. It’s also professionally crafted with potent construction to last you a lifetime. It easily adapts to your gun’s shape, keeping it secure. Talk of flexibility at its best!

2. Fast Box™ Model 47

Coming with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting under your favorite place, this Fast Box Model 47 gives you the convenience you need to keep your gun out of sight. It’s ideal for under your bed, closet, and other readily accessible, and strategic places within your home, office, and even vehicle. It can comfortably accommodate two ling guns of up to 46-inches.

3. Fast Box™ Model 47 Vertical Bundle

Weighing only 45 Ibs, this superlight concealed gun safe easily adapts to the size of your gun without compromising security and safety. It comes ready for mounting at any of your preferred places and can accommodate two long guns, of up to 46-inches side by side. Talk of value for money!

4. Fast Box Vertical Kit

This Fast Box Vertical Kit allows you to convert your model 47 or 40 guns safe to accommodate two guns. Place it vertically, and enjoy superior security using the latest technology. You can also use the drop-in operation to add single pegs or storage bins for your handguns, and other accessories.

5. Fast Box Under Bed Kit

This convenient kit comes with every fast box 47. And it includes attachable feet, metal brackets, screws, and nuts to guarantee your gun’s safety. Allows horizontal storage