Top 7 Motorcycle Helmets

If you love to ride or are just a bike rider in general, it is very important to ensure your safety is taken care of. This can be guaranteed by wearing a good-quality helmet. This post contains everything you need to know about motorcycle helmets and will help you choose the right helmet for your taste. Here are some of the best helmets types.

1. Full Face Helmets

You want to protect your head and face. 100% Full Face Helmets are designed to do just that. With premium ventilation, dual-density EPS foam, and a contoured, ultra-comfortable fit, they ensure the only thing you feel while riding is the road itself.

2. Modular Helmets

Modular Helmets are designed to combine an open face and a full-face helmet. A hinge system is designed to give the helm a versatile use between the two types of usage. The main characteristic noticeable above all is the front portion of the helmet, as it can be flipped up to reveal your face under the chin bar. A modular helmet allows you to have the comfort of an open-face helmet with added protection in case of an accident.

3. Dual Sport Helmets

Our Dual Sport Helmets are designed to work properly in both on-road and off-road situations. The flexibility of use is provided through removable and interchangeable peak visors, internal sun shields, and vents. Wind tunnel tested to optimize this functionality. Fully DOT approved, these helmets are built with a carbon fiber shell and multi-density EPS liner for maximum lightweight and impact protection.

4. Dirt Bike Helmets

Dirt bike helmets come in various styles, each one designed to suit your preferences. Dirt bike helmets feature heavy-duty fiberglass, plastics, or carbon fiber plastic as an outer shell with straps to hold it in place and a foam liner designed to absorb impacts. Depending on the type of helmet you choose, varying features may appeal to you, such as vents and sun shields.

5. Snow Helmets

Style meets versatility with the Smith Snow Helmet. Designed with a hybrid construction and patented AirEvac 2 technology, this helmet keeps goggles fog-free while enhancing ventilation. The adjustable fit system allows you to create a perfectly snug fit in seconds, and the removable goggle lock provides added security when riding hard. With a 360dial, this helmet creates the perfect snug fit for both adults and youth riders.

6. Open Face Helmets

Beat the heat and stay safe with an Open Face Helmet. These offer solid protection for your head, chin, jaw, and cheeks but leave that beautiful face exposed to the wind. You can opt for a full-face shield or goggles, which will help to protect against wind and debris without sacrificing visibility or comfort.

7. Half Helmets

The Half Helmet is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a fun, eco-friendly helmet, and looks great, too. This helmet is lightweight, comfortable, and can be safely packed into the included bag after a long day of riding. It meets all industry regulations, and of course, there are many options to choose from to find a style that truly fits your personality. Plus, this helmet is completely waterproof if you ever get caught in an unexpected downpour on a ride.

The motorcycle helmet protects the rider’s head during a collision or in case of an accident. When browsing our website, you will find different motorbike helmet models that are easy to adjust and installed with a visor to protect your eyes.