Advantages Of Exercising Using The Gym Ball

A gym ball, also known as an exercise ball, Swiss ball, stability ball, or football is a large inflatable rubber ball commonly used in physical fitness and yoga. Gym balls are much larger than footballs (soccer balls) but can be almost as big as volleyballs (basketballs). The average diameter is about 35 inches (89 cm), while some balls can be up to six feet (180 cm) in diameter.

The gym ball was invented by Oscar Kjellberg, a Swedish soccer coach, physical therapist, and teacher at North Town’s high school of gymnastics in Stockholm, Sweden during the 1950s. The plastic inserts were later added. It is an extremely versatile gym apparatus and can be used to enhance not only physical fitness but also many other areas such as pilates, yoga, and rehabilitation.

The use of the gym ball results in significant improvements in core stability and whole-body flexibility. They are readily available in different sizes. Even though a person may not need a ball that is their exact height, it is important to pick a ball that allows them to comfortably hold the proper position. It is also very important for the person using the gym ball to ensure they can maintain balance throughout the full range of motion.

The use of the gym ball results in significant improvements in core stability and whole-body flexibility during both muscular strength training and cardiovascular functional training. For this reason, many professional trainers use the ball in their daily work. The gym ball can be used effectively to strengthen abdominal and back muscles. When an individual uses the gym ball while performing exercises that target these muscle groups it is important to keep the spine neutral by contracting pelvic floor muscles (the ones you contract when stopping the flow of urine).

Three exercises that will improve balance are the pelvic tilt, glute bridge, and heel drop. The first exercise to practice is the pelvic tilt. While laying on their back with their feet flat on the floor place the ball against their lower back just above where it meets the buttocks.