6 Massage Gun & Accessories For A Better Circulation

There are many ways to have a healthy life and better blood circulation. One of them is by using a massage gun. There are many types of massage guns in the market and you need to know the right gun with the right accessories to choose from. Today we will list 6 massage guns and accessories for a better and healthier life.

1) Theragun pro

This deep muscle treatment gun is very durable and can enhance your muscle recovery, release stress, tension, and soothes discomfort. * Comes in 2 color * Comes with 2-year warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee * Comes with rotating arm and ergonomic multi-grip * Comes with 300-minute total battery life

2) Theragun mini

This device will give great muscle treatment and it can be brought in a pocket wherever you go. * Comes in 4 colors * Comes with 150-minute total battery life * Comes with 3-speed settings

3) Pro wireless charging stand

Conveniently slide the gun into this wireless charger without the hassle of pins and wires. * Comes with 30-day money-back guarantee * Can fully charge in 125 minutes * Comes with 1-year limited warranty

4) Theragun mini pride skin

This skin with support for the LGBTQ community will protect your gun from residue and scratches. * Comes in 6 colors * Made with 100% silicone * The weight is only 0.12 lbs.

5) Pro/elite world travel charger

When you are traveling, you must have this charger to charge your gun to the maximum level. * Comes with 4 AC plugs and 1 power adapter * Comes with 1-year limited warranty

6) Wellness essentials bundle

This bundle will support you around the clock to give the best muscle treatment. * Comes with the raygun elite, wave roller, fitness mat, and TheraOne sleep CBD tincture

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